An innovative platform to help you find the best, most meaningful gifts for the ones you love whiles sharing your own interests and wish list items with the world!

GiftTitan is a socially focused, web-based platform designed to help give and receive the most meaningful gifts on time, every time. Users have their own unique, dynamic page displaying their profiles and wish lists. Users can search for and add items with GiftTitan's proprietary search tool, import items from anywhere on the web using GiftTitan's bookmarklet, and manually add items with photos, URL's and other details.

We all know that it can feel hopelessly difficult, if not downright impossible to find appropriate gifts for our loved ones. In recognition of this, GiftTitan thought about the following concepts:

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a page to display the exact items that we want to receive with complimentary information including sizes, likes, and favorites? Or creating lists of items that you want to buy for others?

How about receiving alerts about upcoming birthdays, access to a calendar with important gift buying dates. Better yet, receiving alerts when you are near a store informing you that your friends have items on their wish list in that store?

What about a way to track all of your purchases, to create budgets for people that correlate to your purchases, save your recent product searches, and to keep track of all the items that you've reserved to buy on others' lists?

What if you could not only have access to all of your friends' wish lists but you could take all of that information and filter it by price, priority, store, brand, next occasion, and budgets? Then you can plan an efficient, productive shopping outing at your local retailers or on-line.

GiftTitan was founded on the simple premise that gift buying should not be a stressful, anxiety provoking experience but rather an enjoyable, exciting, entertaining process that accentuates the occasion. As the idea evolved, all things associated with efficiency, ease, and the pleasure of gift giving were considered in the design. As a result, GiftTitan is the only forum that can deliver this truly transcendent shopping experience.