To help users find the best, most meaningful gifts for their loves ones on time, every time in an efficient and effective way. The gift Titan tools, including wish lists, budgeting, notifications and alerts take the stress out of holiday shopping!

Items can be purchased through a network of nearly 4,500 third affiliate merchants accessible through GiffTitan's proprietary search.

There are three ways to add: 1). use the GiftTitan search and select items to add to your list(s) 2.) Import items from anywhere on the internet with the GiftTitan Bookmarklet 3.) Manually add any items with an image, photo and/or URL

We thought it would be a really fun way to tell the world more about you so that people will have lots information to buy you a meaningful gift.

You can control who sees your lists by marking the appropriate privacy settings as public or private. You can do the same for sections of your profile as well, even selecting only those that you would like to see it.

No, only the primary user controls his/her wish list , however, you can create your own lists for that person and share lists with whoever you like.

Sure, you can make a list for anyone or anything that you want and designate it as public, private or shared. Never again rack your brain to remember those really cool items that you forgot to save for future reference- now everything is stored just the way you want it.

Yes, there is an activity feed that shows the latest activity of your fellow GiftTtitans.

Items that have been already purchased or reserved are marked as reserved.

Yes, when an item is purchased the budget information is automatically updated

Yes, budgets can be quickly changed and are only a tool to help you organize your shopping.

Yes, you can visit the "purchase history" page and the "reserved page". Additionally, when you visit another user's profile you can see the budget you have for them as well as the items that you have recently bought or reserved for them.

The notifications feature and calendar are a great way to remember your important events. You can add and delete items to your calendar at any time.

Yes, in our quick list widget you can import content from Amazon wish lists, Pinterest and others.

You can cross reference wish lists to find out where products on those lists are available at local stores.

GiftTitan is currently working on two new functions: 1). A chip-in feature that will allow multiple people to contribute to a group buy 2.) Geolocation- this will alert you via your cell phone when you are in or near a store that carries items from your friends' wish lists Stay tuned!

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