With the GiftTitan profile, users can specify all of their unique characteristics including background, sizes, and favorites (food, music, jewelry etc.). It's a great way to allow your friends to get to know you even better so that they can come up with their own gift buying ideas tailored just for you! And, of course, you can do the same for them. You can make each section of your profile public or private and share with only who you like.


Make as many lists as you like. All of your lists can be public or private.

Lists for me - Lists that you make with products that you wish to receive. On the "lists" page, these are the wish lists that appear first in the left hand column under "lists for me".

Lists for others - Lists that you make for your friends with products that you think they may like or that you may want to buy for them. It is basically your shopping list of ideas for them.

I am following - these include other users' lists (and people) that you follow.

How do I make lists?

Lists can be made with the "quick add" button on your dashboard (your lists from Amazon and Pinterest can be imported too!) or "create a list" button.

All search results can be added to your lists as well any items that are on other users' lists. Every product that you see on GiftTitan can be added with the "add to list" pop-up.

Any lists that you like can be duplicated and added to your lists with the touch of a button.

All lists include filters and list actions to let you quickly find, share and store the information just how you want.


Use GiftTitan's proprietary search to look for over 50 million products from 6,000 merchants. Or toggle over to Amazon results to see what products are offered by Amazon. Searches can be saved to dashboard for future reference. Search results are filtered by Store, Brand, Department, Price and more.


Once the GiftTitan bookmarklet is installed by dragging it into your links bar under your URL bar, with the touch of a button you can add products to your GiftTitan lists from anywhere on the internet.


Find Friends: It's easy to find and follow your friends on GiftTitan. Just go to the Titan section and search for a friend. When you find them just click the follow button. They will show up on your lists page under the "I am following" column. Invite Friends: The dashboard pull down let's you invite friends to join GiftTitan.


The ideas section contains great articles about the hottest gifts ideas for all occasions.


Never forget an important occasion again. The GiftTitan calendar includes birthdays of all of the people that you're following as well as other important events. You can add occasions and designate a user for each of these occasions. Calendar events are posted on your dashboard in the Upcoming Events section.


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All items purchased on GiftTitan are stored in your purchase history section. Each purchase includes the date, quantity, price, recipient, and budget associated with the purchase. The edit button allows this information to be changed.


Budgets can be created for GiftTitan users or lists. GiftTitan budget is a powerful tool to organize and manage your shopping.

How do budgets work?

Before an item is purchased, a pop-up will appear asking who the recipient will be along with a list of budgets that you can assign to the purchase. If you don't see the budget that you'd like to assign you can make a new budget.

You can make a budget for a user or a list and can even include multiple users or lists on each budget. This tool is completely flexible to help you keep budget your gift buying resources exactly the way you want.

Your budgets page allows you to see and edit all of your existing budgets. There, you can see all purchases for that particular budget and edit the amount to what you'd like.

Tip: How to assign budgets to products that were added from outside the GiftTitan search, specifically items manually added or added with GiftTitan bookmarklet?
Reserve the item and then go to your reservations page where it can be assigned a budget in the edit section


Find all of the brick and mortar stores from yours and your friends' lists and see them on a map. You can create and print your own shopping route with store, product and user details!